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Top Tips to be a Successful Online Student

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Top Tips to be a Successful Online Student

These tips will hopefully help you to become a more successful online student!

1. Make sure you have everything you need before your lesson
Is your phone/laptop charged?
Do you have a notebook and pen to take notes if needed?
Grab a drink and get comfortable!

2. Minimise distractions
When you are taking part in your online class it is the same as being in school. Turn off your music, put your phone down (unless you are using it for your lesson!) and try to minimise any distractions around you.

3. Be on time
Make sure you are prepared and logged into Zoom ready for the start of your lesson. If you have any problems with this don’t worry! Contact school and we can help.

4. Pay attention during class
Now that you don’t have any distractions you can concentrate on class. Make the most of the time you have with your teacher and classmates and enjoy it.

5. Ask if you need help
If there is anything you are unsure of, or you don’t understand, make sure to ask your teacher. They are just as happy to help via online lessons as they are in person.

6. Participate in the lesson
Join in and take part in the class as you usually would. It can be easy when you are on your own taking part via a computer/tablet/phone to just sit quietly, but make sure you are part of the lessons as you would be in school. IH Manchester lessons are just as interactive online as they are in the classroom!

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