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Social Activities

IH Manchester Social Activity
IH Manchester Social Activity
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There is always something exciting going on at IH Manchester!

Online social activities are available during the week and an excursion in the Manchester area runs on Saturdays. Social activities help you to quickly and easily make friends. We will also help you to explore Manchester. You can also practise your English outside of the classroom.

We know that everybody doesn’t always like to do the same things, so we always offer a choice of activities.
Participating in social activities helps you to improve your spoken English fluency and increase your vocabulary. Some activities are arranged and accompanied by IH Manchester staff, some are suggested independent activities.
There may be some trips which are not suitable for students aged under 18 and so they will not be able to attend these.
No refund can be given following payment for a social activity.

Trips with “Smile Adventures”

Many of our full day/ half day excursions are organised and supervised by “Smile Adventures”. IH Manchester staff do not usually accompany students on these excursions. Parents of students aged 16/17 will be asked to give permission for their child to attend these excursions, when they book a course.
On the morning of a “Smile Adventures” excursion students are collected from a Manchester city centre meeting point and returned there at the end of the trip. During the excursion, students will be allowed time to independently explore the location they are visiting in small groups, usually for approximately 2 hours. During this time students will not be directly supervised by “Smile Adventures” staff and will be required to return to an agreed meeting point at an agreed time.

Take a look at some example social activities at IH Manchester!

IH Manchester Social Activities

Please book your social activities  on the Microsoft Teams Social channel.

Photographs may not depict IH Manchester students.

Social Activities May 2022

IH Manchester Conversation Club
Movie night 2605

Subject to change.

‘buy your own drink’ – approx. £3.00-£6.00 per drink.

‘buy your own dinner/food’ – approx. £10.00 – £20.00.

Social Activities June 2022

IH Manchester Conversation Club
Picnic in the park Games
Peak District

Subject to change.

Social Activities April 2022

Subject to change.

IH Manchester Conversation Club
Games night
Lake District daytrip

March 2022

Week commencing Monday 28th March 2022

IH Manchester Conversation Club
Film Night Social!
York day trip

Week commencing Monday 21st March 2022

IH Manchester Conversation Club
International Dinner Party (1)
Peak District social activity
Alton Towers Social Activity

Week commencing Monday 14th March 2022

IH Manchester Conversation Club
movie night
north wales Smile trip

February 2022

Week commencing Monday 28th February 2022

Conversation Club
Match day experience social
games night SOCIAL
Doughnut Friday
skipton and yorkshire dales

Week commencing Monday 28th February 2022

Pancake day social IH Manchester
Conversation Club
electronic shooting range
Doughnut Friday
Lake District social
Chester social

Week commencing Monday 21st February 2022

culture exchange
Conversation Club
Old Trafford
Doughnut Friday
pint in the pub
Snowdonia Excursion

Week commencing Monday 14th February 2022

International Food Party
Conversation Club
ping pong
free pancake friday
smile adventures Edinburgh weekend

Photographs may not depict IH Manchester students.