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Online English lesson Reviews

Eugenia, Italy

Bruno, Brazil

Isolina, Argentina

Silvia, Italy

“It was a part of my life that I spent with lovely staff and my colleagues at IH Manchester. I learned lots of things, not just English, even Improved my social skills.” Nebras

“It was a very good experience, I enjoy it a lot. The classes and the teachers are excellent” Juan Cruz

Student Analis, Aregentina

“My experience in taking classes with IH Manchester was amazing and really fruitful. At first, I was concerned about how many content can be developed during one-hour lesson since I am a Teacher of English, but teachers show me that you can do a lot in just one hour! Classes were dynamic and enjoyable, teachers were highly trained to deal with the “virtual environment”, the material used was authentic which help us EFL learners, and topics for discussion were varied. What’s more, one of the teachers called Paul took 10 minutes after class to show me how the break out rooms function worked so I could use it in my own lessons. That is something I’ll never forget ☺️“

“It was very exciting for meeting other people and learn new ways of conversation.” Mahmoud

“I enjoy the time at IH Manchester! Because I can speak with other people in English the other countries and I can speak more fluently” Martina

Alicia, France

“Yes, the platform works well and teachers are got used to. Everything goes really well!
The teachers’ lessons are really interesting and professional for improving English.
We feel more confident at speaking in front of the class and they offer us many ways to learn in the best condition!
So keep going like that it’s the perfect way. But I prefer travel and go abroad of course!”

Agent Marlène Guillemaut, Study Concept, France

“I have 3 students who already experienced those online courses and all 3 of them are very pleased with the quality of the courses offered. They started in January with ‘normal courses’ on campus, so, I was worried that they wouldn’t like the change. But it seems that they are enjoying their courses. They actually adapted very well, probably because it was very well organised and students were able to start their online class without difficulties.
I guess this is more challenging for Teachers, students still need to focus on the Teacher. The teachers are the
same ones as on campus. It is lockdown in many countries now, so this may be an opportunity for some people to use
this time to learn English from home with experienced teachers. Online courses can be also an opportunity for some students planning to come later to Manchester to try lessons and make sure they make the right choice to enrol in IH Manchester.”

“I would like to thank everyone who works at IH Manchester, especially my teachers, it was six months with full of energy and motivation.” Nebras

“The teachers’ lessons are really interesting and professional for improving English. We feel more confident at speaking in front of the class and they offer us many ways to learn in the best condition” Alicia

“The classes are very useful and without the classes I would be bored at home” Hassan

“It’s a wonderful school, I improved my English and made a lot of friends along the way.” Faisal

In school English lesson Reviews

Student Feedback and Reviews

“It’s great here now. We can go in a pub or a restaurant and see people face to face. It’s nice to actually talk to people. People in UK are very nice with us. They understand we are foreigners and are not able to understand everything. They are patient. It’s good learning English here because the teacher has a good relationship with each of the students.”
Cecile, France

“Studying in the UK during the Covid pandemic is OK, it’s not very hard. And now we have the habit to wear the mask and talk at a certain distance, so it’s OK. From Monday we will go inside restaurants and pubs! But, in France we cannot go in public places. So, it’s very great to be in England now. It’s good to just talk and make friends. The lessons are different than in France. Here we talk a lot. We have good relationships with other students and the teacher. And we improve quickly.” – Timothee, France

Student feedback – “Amazing!”

Student feedback – “I enjoyed my time in Manchester, it was such a great time here. Best school, I didn’t only find the perfect school, I found a second family”.

student feedback – “very friendly, it is impossible to feel bad here.”

Student feedback – “I absolutely loved it! I really enjoy the lessons, the whole experience was highly motivating.”

Student feedback – “The teaching methods are very diverse and interesting!”

Student feedback – “I enjoyed it so much!”

Student feedback – “The atmosphere in the school is very kind, open and caring for the entire group.”

Student feedback – “Welcoming”

Student feedback – “Student review – It was a good experience meeting people from different cultures.”

Student feedback – “all the teachers were very good! I did enjoy a lot!”

Student feedback – “I had a great time.”

Student feedback – “I’ll definitely recommend everyone to go at least one time in your life.”

Student feedback – “It makes you feel part of this loving family.”

“I believe that education brings people together, regardless of color, religion, sex, tendency or political opinion, in addition to being the driving force of human evolution. I attended that at IH Manchester! In a single room we already had people from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy, Togo, Vietnam, Thailand, Oman, England etc., all with the sole purpose of studying and evolving to build a life and a world best. I noticed a great seriousness, commitment, respect and a lot of professionalism of the entire management team, collaborators and teachers. Congratulations, you have my vote of confidence and will always indicate the school in Brazil and Portugal.”

Student feedback – “The teachers are helpful and kind, the staff are friendly and the school is well placed.”

Student feedback – “It was a great experience for me! I really like the staff, the teachers and students at IH Manchester!”

Student feedback – “It was a great experience for me! I really like the staff, the teachers and students at IH Manchester!”

“I really enjoyed my time in IH Manchester, everything was amazing and I also I like the teachers they are very professional at teaching English, very friendly and they always trying to provide all the things to improve the language. Thanks for for everything.”