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How to Practise English Outside of Class

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How do you practise English outside of class?

With schools closing their doors temporarily all around the world, online learning is quickly replacing face to face lessons. At IH Manchester we asked some of our students what advice they would give other students about how to improve their English and practise individually outside of class.

What do you do to try and improve your English after your class?

“I am reading BBC News, I am listening to BBC FM Radio or BBC 6 learning English.

I must admit that it was quite difficult at the beginning to understand when I listening and reading. But I just keep going every day. And once time, I realise that I understand what I read or listening and now I like reading News and listening to FM Radio.

Moreover, I try to finish all my homework and practise reading and writing at home. And trying to talk when you have a chance. I mean to make new friends and practise speaking with them. I usually keep in mind – Don’t be shy because I am here for study.”

What self-study materials do you use? (books, films, websites etc). Why are they useful?

“Finding and reading interesting books, beginning with an easy one.

I am reading a biographical English book. It’s about a people I know and admire about, so I learn a lot of useful lesson for my life as well. And I am reading it every day, one or two pages.

– In terms of devices for English, I am using two apps which are very good for me. They are BBC News and BBC Learning English and I use them every day.”

What advice do you have for students who want to improve their English?

1 I’d say that is making clear your purposes as much as possible. I always ask myself:
What am I doing here?
And what is only one important thing at this moment?

2 make a plan for your studying, a timetable.
I mean it’s like my direction and even sometimes I get wrong with my timetable but I afresh and start again.

3 Finally, to be honest, I have to admit that language is not one day but it takes time, so that “keep calm and carry on”.

4 Additionally, I believe that English not only for a test such as IELTS but also English is my life. So, I try to use it in everything in my daily life as much as possible.”

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