English + Football

Would you like to improve your English whilst training at a professional football academy in Manchester, UK?
Would you also like to see how far you can take your football at the same time as studying? Our English and Football course offers you the opportunity to do both.

IHM Football Academy gives equal priority to education and football.
We are passionate about helping young people to complete their education, whilst following their football dreams.
We will give you the education and football skills that you need to succeed. There is no need to choose between learning English and football.

What is Included in the English + Football Course:

  • 10 hours per week football coaching
  • Match play (subject to availability in the closed season)
  • 15 hours per week of classroom based English language lessons at our British Council accredited school
  • Supervised creation of an individual player profile / career cv
  • Entry to “The IHM Coaching Panel” – opportunities for pro club trials, US soccer scholarships, further or higher education
  • IHM kit pack: 2 training kits (shirt, shorts, socks), 1 tracksuit, 1 red polo shirt
  • Gym membership
  • Standard homestay accommodation
  • Airport transfers
  • The IHM Coaching Panel

    Sitting twice a year, once in December and again in June, our panel will consider the merits of each IHM student player who has:

  • 1 submitted a complete player profile (we will guide you)
  • 2 consistently demonstrated the correct mental attitude and displayed good character at all times
  • 3 engaged in all classroom tasks and activities
  • 4 demonstrated appropriately high football skills and fitness
  • The Panel will then decide whether to recommend the player attends professional football club trials in Portugal or Spain.
    The Panel will consist of the IHM senior coaching team.

    Summer 2021 Dates

    Minimum course duration is 2 weeks.
    Start any Monday from: Monday 5th July 2021 Finish any Saturday. Final day Saturday 28th August 2021
    NB – Student players can also start any Monday from Monday 6 September – We are open ALL YEAR ROUND


    Age 16/17

    2 weeks£1,595
    4 weeks£2,995
    8 weeks£5,795
    12 weeks£8,495
    15 weeks£10,445
    22 weeks£14,995

    Age 18+

    2 weeks£1,525
    4 weeks£2,845
    8 weeks£5,495
    12 weeks£7,995
    15 weeks£9,795
    22 weeks£13,995