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English and Football 2023/2024

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There is nothing more exciting than getting ready for the new English and football academic year! So many things to buy and get together so that you are well-prepared for the important year ahead. When you are participating in a study abroad experience, there is the added thrill and anticipation of meeting so many new people from all around the world and making new friends. Friends for life, most probably. This week, Senior IHM Football Academy coach, Sam Launay, has been unpacking the new kit ready to bundle it up for our new arrivals in September.

Would you love to join the squad this year and improve your English language skills? Do you also want to be the best football player that you can be? You can do both at IHM Football Academy.  

Your confidence whilst speaking English could grow day by day. It feels great to make friends with other young footballers, just like you, from all over the world. Swap stories, share dreams and find that unique international team spirit. Furthermore, taking an English and football course with IHM Football Academy will allow you to focus on your football. To dedicate time to improving your overall fitness, tactical awareness, football skills under the leadership of experienced and qualified football coaches. Coaches who have followed their dream, just like you are doing. Coaches who can guide you to become the best player possible.

How far can you take your football? Have you ever wanted to know the answer to that question? Well, here at IHM Football Academy, we present you with the perfect opportunity to find out.

Our English + football course runs from September to June every year. A lot of our international student players stay for 6 months or more and make sure that they hit their English language target, too. However, you don’t need to come for the whole academic year. You can start whenever you wish and need only take a minimum of two weeks.

Follow us now to watch the British football journeys of our brand-new squad. Which team will they be selected for? Development or Elite? Which ones will impress the coaches and the scouts and secure a trial? Which ones will earn a US soccer scholarship and go on to graduate in the USA whilst continuing to develop their soccer skills and be eligible for drafting into the US professional league system?

Are you ready to start your Manchester football journey? Contact us now for details of how to apply.

Please see the details below:

What is included with our English + Football course? 
  • 10 hours per week football coaching 
  • Match play (subject to availability in the closed season) 
  • 15 hours per week of classroom based English language lessons at our British Council accredited school 
  • Supervised creation of an individual player profile / career cv 
  • Entry to “The IHM Coaching Panel” – opportunities for pro club trials, US soccer scholarships, further or higher education 
  • IHM kit pack:  3 socks, 3 shorts, 3 tops, 1 tracksuit, 1 rain jacket 
  • Gym membership 
  • Standard homestay accommodation 
  • Airport transfers 

Football Academy Dates


Autumn Term 2023: 

Monday 11th September – Monday 23rd OctoberMonday 30th October – Friday 15th December 

Spring Term 2024: 

Monday 8th January – Friday 16th FebruaryMonday 26th February – Friday 22nd March 

Summer Term 2024: 

Monday 8th April – Friday 24th MayMon 3rd June – Friday 21st June 

Students can start any Monday, within these dates, and stay for as many weeks as they would like – minimum course duration = two weeks 

Example Timetable 

The importance of pre-season training

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