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IH Manchester English Students

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Who are IH Manchester English students? What type of person decides to travel to the UK to learn English? 

The answer is, anyone can be an English student and all types of people take an English course in Manchester, UK!  

Meet some of our English students and see why they came to Manchester to take English courses with us.

Kaito, GE25 course, 4 weeks

Kaito is an Environmental student at home in Japan. This isn’t his first study abroad experience, he previously studied for two weeks in The Philippines. Kaito wants to be a pilot in the future, he will need English for this. Kaito has been a fantastic, positive student during his 4 weeks with us.

Ali, IELTS 20 course, 26 weeks

IH Manchester student Ali joined us to prepare for his IELTS exams. Ali is hoping to further his studies at either Liverpool or Nottingham university here in the UK. Ali was a wonderful student to have in school, he was friendly and kind. He did lots of work to make sure our Kuwait National Day celebrations where extra special.

Federica, GE20 course, 8 weeks  

Federica joined us from Sicily. It was her first time in the UK. She needed to improve her English for work. She went to London for a few days to explore the capital, visited York too. Federica made wonderful friends during her course and felt an amazing progress with her English.

Jose Benicio, GE15 / IELTS 25 course,  23 weeks 

Jose would always come in with a huge smile on his face, always chatting with staff and other students. He previously studied English at school and a little bit in a private school. He visited Manchester with his wife. It was an absolute pleasure to have Jose in school.

Naz Sema, IELTS/GE15 course, 12 weeks  

Naz has a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy and is planning to take a Master’s degree too. She lives in Manchester with her husband. She spent a lot of time with other students during break times, Naz loved to play card games!

Abdulkareem, GE15 / IELTS 25 course,  23 weeks 

Abdulkareem is going to study Aviation & Engineering, he’s interested in planes, especially building them and fixing them. Abdulkareem’s English improved a lot during his stay here and everyone loved him.

Abdulsalam, IELTS 20 course, 26 weeks

Joined us to prepare for his IELTS exam. He was studying hard as Abdulsalam wants to do a pharmaceutical course at university. Well done Abdulsalam and good luck for your university course.

Abdullah, GE15 / IELTS 25 course, 23 weeks

Abdullah loves photography and exploring Manchester. He took many beautiful photographs of the city during his stay. Abdullah will take the IELTS exam once he is back at home.

Marina, Part time GE4 course, 33 weeks

Marina was a very popular student in school. She was taking a part time course, of just a couple of days a week with us. Marina liked to socialise with other students and joined in with games at break time. After her course Marina was planning to visit Poland to complete some project work.

Thalis, Private individual lessons, 5 weeks

Thalis works for an international company so wanted to improve his language skills as may of his clients speak English. It was a pleasure to have Thalis in school and help him to be more comfortable when communicating with clients in English.

IH Manchester student
Yvonne, GE25 and Private individual lessons, 1 week

Yvonne lives in a small town near Stuttgart, which is surrounded by vineyards. She loves to travel and is learning English for fun. Yvonne was a lovely student to have with us.

Otto,  GE15 course, 6 weeks

Otto joined us from his home in Vienna. He needed to learn a second language and chose English. We are very pleased that he did! We are sure it’ll be a big help when he is speaking to people from all over the world for work.

IH Manchester Student
IH Manchester Student
Imanol, GE20, 15 weeks

Imanol is a student back in Spain. He believes that English is universal language for travel and work. He is hoping for a career working with computers.

He loved his stay in Riverside House residence, especially when he was sharing apartment with Leonardo and Francisca.

Jan, GE25, 12 weeks

Jan is a confident and sociable student. He’s a big football fan who supports Manchester City. He went to watch them play while in Manchester!

He celebrated a birthday while he was with us. Jan will definitely be missed!

ih Manchester student
Francisca, GE25, 10 weeks

Francisca is a student back home in Chile. She joined us in Manchester for an intensive GE25 course for 10 weeks. Francisca always has a smile for everyone. She celebrated her 24th birthday while she was with us. She was also able to visit family in Spain while she was in Manchester. Francisca had a wonderful time at Riverside House residence, staying with classmates.

Kento, GE25 course, 4 weeks

Kento joined us for a 4 week course to improve his English.

Kento loves English culture and music. He wants to be a pilot in the future. Kento was a wonderful student, always smiling and always positive.

Koichiro, GE25 course, 10 weeks

Koichiro joined us in Manchester for a four week GE25 course. At home, in Japan, he is an electronic engineering student. Koichiro has been studying English in school for 8 years but joined us for an intensive course. Koichiro wants to improve his English to be able to communicate more easily, at work, when travelling and throughout his life.

To find out more about the English courses we offer in Manchester all year round please visit our courses page.

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