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The Music Loving English Student in Manchester

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English Student Profile – Victor

Name: Victor Cordova Araya
Age: 25
Occupation: Professional drummer
Home Country: Chile
English Course: IELTS 20/IELTS 25
Course Duration: 24 weeks

English student, Victor, spent 6 months with us from August 2022 – January 2023.

Before travelling to Manchester Victor completed his degree in engineering.   However his real passion is music. Victor is a talented drummer and plays professionally at home in Santiago, Chile. He hopes to open his own music studio in the future. He wants to improve his English for work.

We spoke to Victor about music, learning English and Manchester.

How did your journey begin with music? How old were you when you first noticed you want to play drums / pursue music?

“It started when I was 13. At that point of my life I started to hear pop punk music. Bands like fall out boy, blink 182, sum 41, green day just blew my mind. Especially blink 182, Travis Barker is a beast on the drums. Since then he became my hero and my inspiration.”

How long have you been playing drums? Can you play any other instruments?

“I’ve been playing since, about 12 years. It has been a long journey. Since music entered my life it opened a whole new world, I learned to read and produce music and play other instruments like bass, guitar and some Latin percussion. However, my heart belongs to the drums.”

What are your plans for the future? Do you want to pursue music career?

“My future is a bit blurry, I’m building it everyday recording, jamming, writing, studying and improving my technique and working at the studio. I will pursue a music career following my heart.”

How do you feel when you play drums?

“It feels like riding a roller coaster without seatbelt. I experience the whole spectrum of feelings when I play. Sometimes I play hard enough to break my drumsticks to release bad feeling. Or play the same beat over and over again to enjoy the groove and feel the joy of it. For me playing drums is cathartic.”

Why do you learn English?

“All my main music influences are English speakers, and in general I often listen music in English. I would like to become a good song writer and I need to know English. Furthermore, know English open me 1000 of music possibilities.”

Why did you come to Manchester / IH Manchester to learn?

“I’ve heard about Manchester’s cool music community, that was the main reason. And then, after doing some research, I found the school that fit my profile: IH Manchester. An amazing school.”

What did you like the most about your stay with us?

“Definitely the community and academic programme. The whole people in the school are amazing. Everyone is so kind and welcoming. Also the classes are well planned and the teachers have the best qualifications.”

What do you think about Manchester in terms of it being a City of Music? Did you get to go to any concert here?

“In terms of live music was the best experience of my life. I went to several gigs and concerts. I literally saw bands I never thought I would see in Chile. It was like living a dream. The British audience may not be as wild as the Chilean, but it was fabulous.”

“I did a lot of activities that involved music. I went to several pubs with live music, several concerts of original and cover bands, and some karaoke pubs. Also I used to rehearsal with my band every week. I fell in love with Manchester, I’m sure you’ll meet musicians, they’re everywhere.”

English student Manchester

Victor even made a special recording of a song that was used for an activity in class. Victor said it was his teacher Sahand that inspired him to record it.

“In my last class we did an activity with this song. I loved it and decided to record it, I hope you like it too.”

Victor is a fantastic student and it was such a pleasure to have him in school. He was friendly, open, fun and creative. It was great to see how much he enjoyed socialising with other students. And we are thrilled Victor was able to enjoy the vibrant music scene in Manchester!

Check out Victors YouTube channel and social media to see his amazing drumming skills:

IG: @jadiel.lutto



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