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The World’s Big Sleep Out

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Emma Keene big sleep out
Hi this is Emma from IH Manchester! Tomorrow night I am taking part in The Big Sleep Out 2019 a worldwide event raising money and awareness for homelessness throughout the world. I will be one of an expecting 50,000 people sleeping outside for the night, underneath the stars with no tent or shelter. Organised sleep outs are taking place in cities all around the world including:
New York
Los Angeles
New Delhi
Hong Kong
San Jose
As well as Many more.

I will be taking part in the Welsh capital of Cardiff along with my brother. We are hoping the weather will be kind and the temperatures won’t drop too much, but these are the issues facing homeless people every day, for us it is just one night.

Find out if there is a big sleep out near you –

I will keep you updated about how our sleep out goes! 🙂

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