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Student Art Reviews Manchester Gallery

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Earlier in the summer some of our students visited the Manchester Gallery. They went to look at the works of art and write art reviews as part of a class project.  Their reviews where so amazing we wanted to share them.

Review of The Shadow of Death
by Iris Crisostomo Lira

The Shadow of Death was painted with oil over tempera on canvas. It was painted by William Holmant Hunt in 1870-72, 1873 and it was retouched in 1886. This picture was presented by Thomas and William Agnew to the corporation of Manchester in 1883. The picture is located in the Art Gallery, Manchester, UK.

The artist has combined everyday detail with religious symbolism to create a fantastic painting rich in suggestion and meaning. In this picture you can see a combination of amazing colors and an incredible game of shadows, in fact the shadow of the representation of Christ  is there. Also you can see a woman representing Mary  (Christ’s mother) and she is looking at this fascinating shadow of her son. Everything  is fantastic in this picture (the drawing, the colours, etc) but it is sad when you note that this picture prefigures the crucifixion of Christ.

art review by ih Manchester

As per the information available in the Art Gallery, to make the Biblical setting accurate, Hunt went to Nazareth where Jesus worked as a carpenter to paint the landscape seen through the window. He also made drawings of carpenters’ workshops and antique tools he had found in Bethlehem.

I strongly recommend visiting the Art Gallery in Manchester, UK, to see this picture and hundreds of amazing pieces of art from different artists. It is free to enter. Today is the best day to enrich your knowledge.

Review of Cinderella
by Sooyong Choi

In this article, I’m going to talk about “Cinderella”.

The artist who depicted is Valentine Cameron Prinsep. He was born in England in 1835 and lived until 1904 and this work was made in 1899.

Firstly, we can see a beautiful woman leaning against the wall. In addition, the pumpkin reminds me of the pumpkin carriage in the fairy tale. Bare feet protruding from a ragged hem might seem like she is poor even though her face looks noble. Thirdly, it seems like a chair and a pot hanging above an open fire tell me this place is a kitchen. Lastly, the cold floor and fire look in contrast.

IH Manchester student art review

Valentine Cameron was one of the followers of the Pre-Rapahelites. In other words, his paintings were inspired by realism. While he was alive, he made an effort to make his work interesting and haunting. As a result, it could be proved through his Cinderella.

In fact, when I was looking at this painting, I just thought that there was a pretty poor woman standing. However after looking at the title, it looked completely different to me. So, I’m sure that you’ll be able to change like me. To summarize you can figure out a work that touches your heart, if you read information thoroughly. I highly recommend going to the Manchester art gallery not only for Cinderella but also other pieces.

Review of The Water of the Nile

by Mario Castelo

The water of the Nile is a really breathtaking piece of art work which is displayed inside the Art Gallery in Manchester.  The creator of this masterpiece is called Frederick Goddall, who painted it in 1893, when he was 71.

The artist wanted to show the beauty of the Egyptian life-style and landscape. That is the reason why he decided to depict the Nile river and the Pyramids, but also the natives’ activities.  In the picture you can see a little village on the bank of the Nile and how the inhabitants normally live their life.

In the 19th Century, the Victorians were fascinated by the Middle East and its lifestyle, so different from the western rules.  As a result, Frederich, who had spent much time in Cairo and had specialised in the depiction of Egyptian scenes, thought portraying the real Egypt was his duty.  Furthermore he made use of synthetic colour, which allowed him to create this outstanding representation of the Eastern landscape.

In my opinion, this amazing piece of art mixes the old pharaonic Egypt, symbolized by the Pyramids, and the unknown lifestyle and culture of the 19th century Egyptians. It is an unmissable picture that can show you the hidden secrets of this beautiful landscape.

Review of İnterior of the Manchester Royal Exchange

by Serkan Nergis

I want to talk about Manchester Art Gallery. Yesterday visited the art gallery with my friends. The art gallery contained new age and old works of art. Although there are many works in the gallery, one piece of artwork caught my attention. It was a painting by Frederic Sargent and H L Saunders. I don’t know why ı chose it. I saw many different pictures and artwork better than the one ı chose but ıt impressed me a lot.

art review IH Manchester student

The name of the picture ı chose was İnterior of the Manchester Royal Exchange. İt was oil painting on canvas by two different artists, Frederick Sargent and HL Saunders. However, you can’t guess this picture was painted by two different artists. The Picture looks like a painting by one person. It was painted in 1877. Pictured is a group of people at the Royal Exchange. İn the picture the details of human faces were very impressive. All faces were very serious and they look thoughtful. And ı liked the symmetry in the picture. I spent most of my time looking for that picture.

As a result I recommend everyone to visit the art gallery. You won’t be wasting your time. You can find whatever you are searching for.

Slippers for men in Berlin wool work

by Tahleel Alhossayen


These slippers for men in Berlin wool work, the most popular form needlework during the mid-nineteenth century, were made by stitching brightly colored wool through canvas. They looks comfortable i was really impressed by them.

This piece was gifted to the donor’s grandfather, there’s no specific reason why it was made but Berlin wool work became a popular hobby in the 1850s when sets of printed patterns for cloth embroidery became commercially available.

art gallery slippers

These slippers are an example of how something holds a value they have been preserved because they were made with care and had a long life because of that

 It was a nice experience I really enjoyed it .

Figure of a nurse

by Muteb Alrowais

It is a Figure of a nurse made in 1915-25. Possibly designed by Christian Thomsen. This piece was made in Porcelain with overglaze enamelling .I went to Manchester art gallery it was fascinating.

It’s a statue of a nurse who was working . However, it now represents 95% of nurses  . this is the job that I aspire  to help people.

We need nurses to fight the pandemic. We understand the importance of keeping organisations, service users, and the public safe. Nurses play an essential role in society today by being advocates for health promotion, educating the public and patients on preventing injury and illnesses, participating in rehabilitation, and providing care and support.


In my opinion, I recommend visiting the art gallery in Manchester because I had a nice time in this place. It was terrific! And I wish the same feeling to other people. 

Empire Marketing

by Faris Alassaf
art review ih manchester

Hugh Willams is an artist, he made the Empire Marketing poster in 1930. It is a lithographic print of the Empire Marketing poster and now it is in the Art Gallery in Manchester.

It is a poster consisting of a British flag and steamships, however, it talks about a statement of the biggest market at that time in England.  The steamships come from everywhere in the world and they look old-fashioned, it’s an amazing poster.

The market had sustainable systems that were destroyed and appropriated, ten millions died and livelihoods were made precious. The nationalistic image celebrates incoming goods to the centre of the empire. The poster unwittingly depicts the founding causes and economic relations of today’s climate crisis, it’s a legacy which still needs to be unpacked.

In my opinion, everyone should visit the Gallery in Manchester and see the poster. It is worth a visit.

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