Homestay Accommodation

What to expect:

All homestay hosts are carefully selected and experienced with international student care.
– You will be treated as a member of the family
– You will be provided with a clean bedroom equipped with a bed and storage for your clothes
– Wifi will be available to you
– A desk or table, somewhere quiet so that you can do your homework
– Clean towels and bed linen will be provided each week
– Your clothes will be washed and dried once every week
– English must be the main language spoken in the house

Standard Homestay

£140.00 GBP per week
Half board Monday – Friday, full board at weekends.
Sharing bathroom with the hosts.
Sunday arrival and departure.

Executive Homestay

£200.00 GBP per week
Half board Monday – Friday, full board at weekends.
Private bathroom with the hosts.
Sunday arrival and departure.


Students must travel independently from the homestay to the city centre school each day, using public transport. Your host will help you to know the best way to do this.
The cost per week of travel to the student can range from £25.00 – £30.00 per week. The cost depends on the location of the selected homestay.
All our homestay hosts live in the residential areas, outside the city centre. Journey time from homestay to school can be anywhere between 20 and 45 minutes.

Meals that are provided in homestay accommodation:

Monday to Friday – Breakfast and evening meal
Saturday and Sunday – Breakfast, lunch and evening meal
In the event of a student booking the room only option (no meals), students are normally not allowed to use the cooking facilities but should be allowed to store snacks (fruit, crisps, drinks) in a cupboard in the kitchen.

We select our host families based upon their suitability to welcome our students. Our students come from all over the world with different cultural and ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs. Our staff and host family providers accept our all of our students and welcome them unconditionally, irrespective of all these different factors. It would be completely wrong for them to not do this. Our Equality Policy reflects and incorporates UK legislation that makes it illegal to discriminate against individuals based upon gender, race, ethnicity or religion. For all these reasons, we also expect our international students to be accepting and tolerant of others who they may meet, study with and live with in Manchester.