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Goal Keeper Scholarships

Calling All Goal Keepers!

IHM Football Academy is offering 2 full-time Goal Keeping scholarships for the right players.
If successful, you would become a member of the IHM Football Academy squad and receive goal keeping coaching and regular match play. All that you would pay for is your English language course and accommodation.
To be eligible to apply you must:
  1. be aged between 16 and 18 years from 4 September
  2. be a non-native English language speaker ie. English is not your first language
  3. be able to afford the fees for an English language course (15 hours per week) and your accommodation
  4. have the full permission of your parents
  5. commit to the course for at least one full academic term. See the term dates below.

Sam Launay

Lead Coach

Level 2 FA Badge Qualified 

“I started goalkeeping in Portugal from the age of 9, developing my core skills under an ex professional goalkeeper and from then on it became my everything. I joined Brentford academy at 12 and stayed their until 16 where I developed into the more modern goalkeeper, which is sought after nowadays. Adapting to being comfortable with the ball at my feet, distributing it long, having good hands and being agile meant that I had a different, more up to date, approach to goalkeeping. By 20 years old I got my level 1 and 2 FA goalkeeping badges and worked at West Bromwich Albion with young goalkeepers. Becoming a goalkeeping coach at young age, I took all my experiences and ideologies into coaching sessions to help build players up, utilize their strengths and work on their weaknesses. For me, goalkeeping is a unique position and should be approached differently to the outfielders.”

Sam Launay

Term dates:

Autumn Term 2022
induction & English classes start Monday 5th September
Half Term Monday 24th October to Friday 28th October
Term Ends Friday 16th December
NB – English lessons only, no football coaching or match play during half term 
Spring Term 2023
English classes & coaching starts Monday 9th January
Half Term Monday 20th February to Friday 24th February
Term Ends Tuesday 4th April
NB – English lessons only, no football coaching or match play during half term 
Summer Term 2023
English classes & coaching starts Monday 17th April
May Bank Holiday Monday 1st May
Half Term Monday 29th May to Friday 2nd June
Term Ends Friday 23rd June
NB – English lessons only, no football coaching or match play during half term 

How to Apply

To apply, please complete and return the age appropriate booking form, writing “Goal Keeper Scholarship” at the top of the form.