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IELTS Assessment

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Do you need a specific IELTS score? Save yourself time and money with an IH Manchester IELTS assessment.

Book an IELTS placement test and 30-minute feedback and planning session with a teacher.


·       IELTS Placement Test

Complete a full IELTS exam, corrected by us.

Find out:

       your current level of English and the language skills you need to improve

       your current IELTS level and the test skills you need to improve

·       Feedback and planning session

Get full feedback on your test from a teacher. Using information from your test and from speaking with you, we will:

       advise you on the cheapest and/or the quickest course to get the score you need

        tell you how long your preparation will take and when you can book an exam

        give you honest advice on how best to prepare

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