What is Manchester Famous for? 7 Amazing Facts


The Smiths, Stone Roses, Oasis, Chemical Brothers, Joy division – just a few bands that famously comes from Manchester. Known for its love of music, Manchester has long had one of the biggest music scenes in the UK. With a rich musical history and reputation for loving a party there is no better place to experience music in the UK.
Manchester boasts options ranging from huge stadiums to small intimate venues, nightclubs to outdoor music festivals, there is something for everyone in Manchester. As restrictions in the city ease following the pandemic I’m sure the next year is set to be a huge celebration of music, dance and incredible singalongs!

Manchester Museum of Science and Industry


Manchester is well known for its massive development during the industrial revolution. A leader of textile manufacturing, Manchester quickly became a hub of growth and industry during the 19th century.
Manchester boasted the world’s first passenger steam railway when it opened the Manchester and Liverpool railway in 1830.
Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry takes you on a journey through the city’s incredible history.


Home to two Premier League giants, Manchester United and Manchester City, Manchester has a passion for football that is felt throughout the city. Although you may either be ‘red or blue’ the city is united through its love of ‘the beautiful game’.

Manchester is also home to the National Football Museum, a fantastic visit for football fans and non-fans alike!

Splitting the Atom

It was in his laboratory in Manchester University in 1917 that Ernest Rutherford became the first person to create an artificial nuclear reaction, ‘splitting the atom’.

Neighbourhoods of Central Manchester

Manchester is well known for its vibrant and diverse city centre. Divided into distinct neighbourhoods there is something to interest everyone in Manchester.

Piccadilly Gardens / train station

The main transport hub of the city.

Market Street and Manchester Arndale

Shopping, shopping, shopping! All your high street favourites in one place.


Incredible Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai restaurants and businesses. And the iconic Chinatown Archway.

The Gay Village

Canal Street is the heart of the Gay Village with restaurants, bars and clubs, a must visit!

The Northern Quarter

Creativity and art live here! Independent retailers, record shops, cafes and bars.

Exchange Square

Looking for high end fashion? Exchange Square is for you.


Leisure, retail, dining and plenty of public space.

The Manchester Bee

A symbol of Manchester for the past 250 years, you will see the Manchester worker bee all over the city. The worker bee embodies Manchester’s hard work ethic and symbolised the hive of activity Manchester is known to be.

Coronation Street

Coronation Street is an incredibly popular British Soap opera which has been on TV in the UK since 1960! A staple of British TV you can now even visit the set and walk on the famous cobbles of Coronation Street yourself.