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Transport in Manchester

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Manchester is known for many great things, and transport links are one of them! The city is full of wonderful things to see and do, so getting from place to place is essential. Whether you’re taking a trip out of the city or staying put in the centre, There’s lots of different ways to travel around.


The trams in Manchester are one of the popular ways to travel around and are linked all over the city and surrounding areas. Services generally run every 12 minutes, with trams to different destinations running every 6 minutes, so chances are you won’t have to wait around too long before one of the trams arrives at your stop. Trams are not only one of the most time efficient ways to get around the city, they also run 24hours of the day on the weekends, so if you’re out in the evening you don’t have to worry about how you’re getting home!


Trams are also a cheap way to travel around the city, an adult anytime 1 day travel pass, for one zone, costs £2.70. Prices then go up to £7.10, if you wish to travel between all 4 zones in a day.


The buses around the city are another easy alternative to getting around the city. Buses run from all around the city and can take you to places such as Bolton and Wigan or even Manchester Airport, if you fancy a trip out of the city. They are another cheap alternative to traveling around Manchester, with a weekly saver ticket, allowing you to travel around as much as you like, costs £16.50. The buses are really easy to use, and at most bus stops you can find a picture of the bus routes, which can help you decide which journey to take to your chosen destination.


The city also offers a free bus, where services 1, 2 and 3 offer a free, wheelchair accessible bus service around the city. You can visit all the most popular areas of Manchester on these routes, such as Victoria, Deansgate, Piccadilly, Greengate and Chinatown, as well as many more places! This makes getting around the city simple and free. Allowing you travel freedom.


Buses also run a night service on most of their services, meaning you are free to sightsee and roam even in the evenings!


Whilst there are many great things to see and do in Manchester, there are also lots of fun things to do in surrounding areas and other cities nearby! So the trains in Manchester are a really great and easy choice for travelling. The main stations in Manchester are Manchester Piccadilly, Manchester Victoria, Manchester Oxford Road and Manchester Deansgate. From any of these you can travel to cities all over the country, such as Liverpool, London and Brighton!


Alternatively, if you are wanting to get directly to a destination in the city, taxis and ubers are a fast and reliable way to commute, however they are one of the most expensive ways to get around and require an app on your phone to use.

Whilst travelling around the city myself, I have found the buses a really quick and easy way to travel. I’ve never had to wait longer than 10 minutes for a bus going to my chosen destination and prices start from around £1 for a single ticket!


A great tip for helping plan travel routes, is visiting the ‘Transport for Greater Manchester’ website. Where you can plan your journey in advance, check out prices and also see if there are any traffic jams or roadworks that might delay your journey.


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