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Top English Beaches to Visit near International House Schools (UK and Ireland)

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top british beaches

Explore the top British beaches! Whilst England is not known for its amazing weather, when we do get sunshine, where better place to visit than the beach! England has a vast collection of different beaches, some pebbly and some sand but all of them a wonderful day trip to take whilst you’re visiting the UK, even if the sun isn’t shining!

If you’re studying at IH Manchester and you fancy a day trip to a beach, you’ll have to take a trip to a nearby city such as Liverpool or Blackpool. However some wonderful and even sandy beaches can be found a stone’s throw away from Manchester. Starting with a popular beach with families: Formby Beach in Merseyside, Liverpool.

Formby beach is about an hour’s drive away from Manchester, however Formby beach can be reached by train, coach or bus from all major stations here in the city centre. Formby is a great choice if you’re wanting to visit a beach near Manchester. Being a long and wide stretch of beach with beautiful rolling sand dunes that offer amazing views on a clear day and also lots of fun to climb to the top of. The beach also hosts lots of nature paths along the beach and into the surrounding woodland, all of which are great for a walk whilst you’re there.

The coast at Formby is also eroding away, therefore sea tides often reveal prehistoric footprints, some from humans and animals. So if you’re a history lover then this is definitely the beach for you.

The second beach on our list of must visits is Uphill Beach: Weston-super-Mare. This beach is a great one to visit if you are studying at IH Bristol, as it is less than an hour’s drive away from the city and can be reached by public transport from Bristol centre. The golden sand makes for a tropical, holiday feel if the weather is nice and the beach is a great family and dog friendly day out. The beach itself is also surrounded by luscious greenery as just up the hill is Uphill’s local nature reserve, which offers lovely wildlife and scenery.

Uphill Beach is also popular with wind and kite surfers so this can be an interesting sport to watch from the safety of the shore!

Third on the list is Southsea Beach which is settled in Portsmouth, along the south coast of England. Southsea is a firm favourite in Portsmouth as it has something for everyone, from beach restaurants and rides to a seaside pier and aquarium. Portsmouth is home to many different beaches as it lies on the coast of England, so if you are there to study with IH Portsmouth or travelling to the city for a day out, the beach is a no brainer.

Southsea Beach, although made up of pebbles, when the tide is out a long stretch of sand can be seen, so you can experience the best of both worlds. The beach also lies less than a mile from Portsmouth town centre, where you can find lots of shops, bars and restaurants that are great to visit alongside the beach.

Traught Beach is set in the sheltered bay of County Galway, Ireland. This beach is a favourite amongst young people and also families. This sandy beach makes for a holiday feel during the summer months and the sloping hills offer some protection from the wind during the colder months. If you’re travelling to IH Galway for study, then the beach is perfect for those summer days. This beach and Galway itself are quiet and rural, so you won’t have to face the noisy crowds when visiting Traught.

If you’re an animal lover then Traught is also an excellent choice for you. Many come to this beach to watch birds and other interesting animals as it is a conservation area, meaning that the wildlife cannot be disturbed.

And if you are planning to visit IH Belfast then Hazelbank Park is only 5 miles away. The park is located on shores of Belfast Lough and offers wonderful views over to Co.Down. So not only can you enjoy the coastline and a paddle in the water but also a walk in through the mature trees of the park!

And if you are looking for the ultimate seaside experience Blackpool is definitely for you! Blackpool is a regular excursion destination for IH Manchester students. The glorious beach itself, the piers, Blackpool Tower and the famous Blackpool Pleasure beach make it a day out to remember. The Pleasure Beach is an amusement park with heaps of exciting rides and attractions.

To find out more about the courses we offer here at IH Manchester take a look at our English course options.

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