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Think About IELTS Structure

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This week Academic Manager, Joseph, has some key tips about structuring your answers during your IELTS exam.

Now this is mainly for the writing section of the exam. Planning is really really important. I used to work with an IELTS examiner who said she could always tell when students had planned their writing because it would be much much better. So please do take the time.
How much time? Well I would suggest around about 10 minutes because remember you need to think about four different things. You need to think about the structure of how you’re going to write your essay. You think of the ideas that you want to say when you write your essay. You need to think of examples that you can use to support your ideas. You need to think about synonyms so that you can have a wide range of vocabulary. Once you’ve finished writing your essay or your report you then need to take a few minutes. In this case I would suggest five minutes to check your writing remember from the band descriptors. We are looking for frequent error-free sentences. So if you take time to go back and check spelling errors, grammatical errors and correct them you will increase the number of error-free sentences and you will increase your band score.

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