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Study English, Not Just The IELTS Exam

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Academic Manager, Joseph Baker, is back in this blog to share more top tips for IELTS exam success.

In order to get a high score you need to have a high level of English so you need to study English as well as knowing the exam.
It’s better to have good English and no exam techniques, than good exam techniques than no English. In terms of the level, and again you can find the information you need on the band descriptors, they tell you that you need to use a sufficient range of vocabulary.
-You need to learn English vocabulary.
-You also need a variety of structures. This means learning different types of grammatical structures and sentence structures.
-You need to produce frequent error-free sentences, so no grammatical errors in your sentences.
In order to achieve those three things, which are relevant for both the speaking and the writing, you need to study English and you need to improve the level of your English.

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