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Students And Agents Endorse IH Manchester Online Classes

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“Everything goes really well.”

Alicia, 20, Italy.

Interactive online classes, in a virtual Zoom classroom, led by our regular IH Manchester teachers are proving to be a great hit with our students.

At IH Manchester our academic team were ahead of the game and already working on the best ways to teach online, even before the current crisis hit. This meant that our teaching team had plenty of time to learn best practice, master the Zoom platform technically and conduct training with our existing student population.

All this hard work paid off because by the time schools in the UK closed, IH Manchester had successfully introduced online teaching and the Zoom platform to all our existing students. It was great to see them enthusiastically embrace this new way of working. Three weeks later it is great to be getting some strong student and agent feedback that shows how well interactive online learning in a virtual classroom is going from their perspective.

All students who were interviewed confirmed that they felt that they were learning in their online classes. Some of our students, who successfully completed courses with IH Manchester in our Manchester school, have recently returned to IHM for online classes. These students acknowledge that they prefer face to face lessons, but nevertheless are finding their online classes worthwhile:

“In the current situation, online classes are the best option.”

Mariia, 24, Russia.

Care is taken to show each IHM online student exactly how easy it is to access their Zoom classroom. They don’t need to download any software, but simply follow the online link. All our currents students surveyed said that they found getting online to be easy.

“I don’t have any problem with online classes.”

Khaled, 29, Kuwait

Alessandro, 21 from Italy, celebrates the convenience of online English with IHM when he says:

“I would take another online course with IH Manchester because I can be taught by English speakers from my room.”

Students and agents are enjoying the positive message that IH Manchester are sending out in these challenging times. This virus hasn’t killed our dreams, just put them on hold for a while. A recent international student survey reported this week by ICEF shows that whilst the pandemic has had an impact on student’s plans, responses also clearly reflect that most students still intend to follow through on plans for study abroad.

Our valued agent partners have also supported the move to online teaching and have similarly been delighted with the results:

“As an agent I would like to take the opportunity to thank the all IH Manchester team for all the work done to be able to offer quality online courses to students. It was a tough challenge with short notice. Well done!

I have 3 students who already experienced those online courses and all 3 of them are very pleased with the quality of the courses offered. They started in January with « normal courses on campus », so, I was worried that they wouldn’t like the change. But it seems that they are enjoying their courses. They actually adapted very well, probably because it was very well organised and students were able to start their online class without difficulties. I guess this is more challenging for Teachers, students still need to focus on the Teacher. The teachers are the same ones as on campus.

It is lockdown in many countries now, so this may be an opportunity for some people to use this time to learn English from home with experienced teachers. Online courses can be also an opportunity for some students planning to come later to Manchester to try lessons and make sure they make the right choice to enrol in IH Manchester.”

Marlène Guillemaut, Study Concept, France

At IH Manchester we want our students to be able to continue to keep hold of their dreams and to continue to actively work towards them right now.

“This virus had not killed our dreams, it has just put them on hold for a while.”

Peter Hayes, Director, IH Manchester.

That’s why we are making all of our online lessons FREE OF CHARGE by allowing students to use the cost of online lessons as credit towards a future English course with IHM in their Manchester school in the UK.

Like Alicia says:

“Online learning is quite useful in this context, but I prefer travel and go abroad of course!”

The IH Manchester Online course offers allow our students to invest in their future as they continue to learn in the Zoom virtual classroom.

Contact us NOW for full details.

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