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Social Activity – Bowling in Manchester

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Bowling in Manchester

Here at IH Manchester, we provide more than just our English classes, we are here to help you adjust to your new city and to interact with your fellow classmates. To ensure students have the opportunity to make friends and see some sights, IH Manchester provides extra curricular social events, such as bowling, afternoon tea, cinema trips, museum trips and many more exciting and fun activities!

In the video below, you can see what one of these fun social events looks like. This week some of the students went bowling at a popular bowling alley in the heart of the city! The bowling alley is around a 15 minute walk from IH Manchester and is a nice stroll through the hustle and bustle of town.

There were a good number of us, and we were split into two teams of 4, which made for a great game with some competition! Everyone was able to get to know each other and spend some time chatting on the way there.

Once we arrived at the bowling alley, everyone had the chance to grab a bite to eat or a soft drink and then we got bowling! It was a great opportunity for everyone to socialise and practice their English skills outside of the classroom as well.

Students at IH Manchester are given the opportunity to every week to participate in social activities. If bowling isn’t something you’d enjoy, we arrange many different types of trips, such as Museum visits, cinema and dinner trips! Alongside these in person excursions we also offer online social activities, such as Book Club and Conversation Club. Here is where students can further utilise the English skills they have learnt in class and also get to know some of their classmates.

Next week, we will be heading to ‘Roxy Ball Room’ in Manchester, Deansgate. They offer all sorts of fun games to play with your friends, such as pingpong, bowling, pool and golf. We have all decided to have a game of pool. Let the games begin!

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