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Settling into Manchester: 7 ways to experience British Culture

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settling into Manchester

When it comes to settling into Manchester,  there are many different ways to experience British culture whilst you are here. Manchester is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the country and a great place to experience some British culture. From traditional art galleries to grand British libraries, Manchester has it all.

1. The Northern Quarter:

The Northern Quarter is a great place to visit if you want to experience some British culture, it is full of quirky shops selling local products and showcasing some amazing British foods. Along with the cobbled roads and glorious wall art you can find when roaming around, The Northern Quarter makes for a great place to experience some British culture.

2. Deansgate:

Deansgate is the place to visit to get a taste of a typical British nightlife scene, with many bars and pubs, on a Friday or Saturday night the streets are buzzing with party goers. Bars such as ‘Albert Schloss’ often put on great entertainment and allow you to dance on the tables, so it is definitely a unique and fun experience, or if you just fancy a quiet sit down meal, then you can enjoy a taste of a British classic; fish and chips.

3. Christmas Markets:

The Manchester Christmas markets are another seasonal must visit. Dotted across the city, the magical markets give Manchester a proper Christmassy feel and offer a wonderful selection of local foods and trinkets to try. You can visit one of the many Christmas bars and enjoy some local gins, beers and not forgetting a classic mulled wine!

4. Manchester Art Gallery:

Manchester Art Gallery is a brilliant place to visit to see some of the culture that Manchester has to offer. Showcasing many different artists from all over the world, Manchester’s art Gallery has a number of exhibitions at once, for example currently, Trading Station: How hot drinks shape our lives, Constellations: Care and resistance, What is Manchester Art Gallery…. And many more!

5. Heaton Park:

Heaton Park is an urban park, situated around 20 minutes away from Manchester city center. It is a great place to visit if you fancy some fresh air and some culture. You can walk all around the 600 acres and visit the ‘Grade I listed, neoclassical 18th century country house, Heaton Hall. The hall, remodeled by James Wyatt in 1772.’ The hall is open to the public, so you are able to walk around and soak in some classic British culture.

6. Royal Exchange Theatre

The Royal Exchange Theatre has had its doors open since 1976, and has been entertaining Manchester with amazon productions and plays ever since. The huge and grand hall was once twice the size and during The Second World War, was hit directly in the Manchester blitz. However that did not stop the wonder of The Royal Exchange and today thousands of visitors every year come to see the plays put on. Currently showing at the theatre is, Nora: A Doll’s House, The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart, Electric Rosary, Red Velvet….and many more amazing productions.

7. The Science and Industry Museum

Originally opened in 1969, this museum showcases historic exterior as well as excellence in science, technology and industry and particularly Manchester’s achievements in these sectors. Themes of transport, experiments, power, the city’s systems such as the water links and music can be found on display in the museum, so many different and interesting facts about Manchester and what makes the city ‘tick’ can be learnt when looking around.

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