IH Client Promise

Realise your aspirations and open new horizons by learning with
International House in a positive and enjoyable environment

– We will help you learn and progress by designing well structured courses and educational support services.
– Before enrolling we will listen to your needs and give you guidance on choosing the right course. This may involve a language level test and an interview.
– You will be given clear and accurate information about all aspects of your course, examination or other service.
– You will be taught by qualified teachers or trainers, who regularly receive up to date professional
development. Younger learners will be taught by teachers trained to meet their specific needs.
– Your course will be supervised by skilled educational managers who will make sure the content is up to date, the school has the right resources, and whose goal is to help you have a positive
– Your learning will be regularly assessed during your course to help you progress. You will have
opportunities to discuss how to improve.
– You will be encouraged to give us feedback so we can continue to improve while you are still
studying with us.
– Diversity is celebrated at International House and we are committed to treating everybody
fairly and equally.