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Online English Explainer Video

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As the popularity of IH Manchester’s virtual classroom online learning increases, we thought it was a great idea to provide a short “explainer” video that illustrates exactly how we teach. The video shows how our teachers can promote communicative interaction between the international students taking a class. By watching you can see how IH Manchester teachers can set up and monitor student to student interaction by pair work and group work, just like a real classroom.

You can also hear how our students are finding online English courses with IH Manchester. The feedback has been great. We believe this is because students are receiving the exact same high quality teaching with the exact same IH Manchester teachers. also, the same syllabus that has served our students well over the years is used online. With each enrolled student receiving a free e-copy of the Oxford University Press English language course book, courtesy of OUP. Using Zoom’s whiteboard facility and the relevant OUP teacher guide, a fully interactive whiteboard can be used for all our classes.

It’s not just us who believe that IH Manchester’s online English classes are a cut above the competition, but our students and agents are telling us the same.

Students can still prepare for the IELTS examination or just take one hour classes, two evenings per week. General English classes begin at 15.00 hrs UK time and allow students to take 5,10 or 15 hours per week. Intensive 21 hour programmes are also available.

There has never been a better time to invest in your future. Don’t cancel your plans, don’t stop your journey, but instead start to work now towards realising your dream to study in the UK.

All course fees spent on IH Manchester Online English courses can be used as credit for any IH Manchester English language course fees, for courses taken at our Manchester school in the future.

For more Information about our courses online and in school please click the links here:

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IELTS Preparation
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