OET Placement Test

At IH Manchester the first step is our OET placement test. We’ll test all four skills, so that the student’s programme can be planned effectively. The test takes place on our online platform for listening, reading and writing and through Zoom for speaking. It takes 2hrs 20 mins in total: Listening 20 mins, Reading 60 mins, Writing 40 mins, Speaking 20 mins. Results are then checked and review by one of our OET professionals.

NB for students who have already taken an OET exam or an IELTS exam, previous test results may be sufficient but students might be asked to complete testing for an individual section e.g. writing.

Following review of the placement test, a member of the academic team will meet with the student and agree on a personalised study plan (PSP) that sets out the language and test skills the student will need to pass the OET and the timescale needed. We’ll also advise on a suitable test date.

If you would like to take the OET placement test please complete the form here and then we will contact you.

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