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A day at a Manchester Museum and Art Gallery
by Ruoteng Meng

manchester art gallery

There is no doubt that much of Manchester’s charm lies in its history, and the people who helped create it. 200 years ago, the Industrial Revolution started here, making Manchester the pioneer of the new generation of big industrial cities, and now it is one of the most important financial and culture centres in the United Kingdom.
If you are interested in paintings and English history like me, you can follow in my footsteps to a Manchester museum and art gallery in Manchester today!

People’s History Museum

peoples history museum

People’s History Museum is the national museum of democracy, showing the development of democracy in Britain. Located in the centre of Manchester, it’s very easy to find. Here in the main galleries, you can explore the start and origin of British democracy. Interestingly, the instructions are colour coded for better understanding.
Not only is the history very detailed, but also very real, which makes a visit really fascinating. There’re a lot of scene restorations, e.g., here’s the simulation of the Co-op shop when it was founded!
peoples history museum
Apart from the main galleries, there may be some other exhibition, about the effort people making in present day.
Don’t forget to book before you go! It is free to visit, however booking is needed!

Manchester Art Gallery

Art galleries, my favourite places. The items on display take you beyond time and space; every painting and sculpture is a story, a feeling, a message. Isn’t it amazing to get to know the thoughts of people who lived hundreds of years ago? Here in Manchester Art Gallery, they’ve got collections from the18th and 19th century, in timeline order, so watch out if you start from the right entrance!
Please notice Manchester Art Gallery also requires booking in advance, so don’t forget!
There’s also a huge gift shop if you’d like to buy some products as souvenirs. I’d recommend postcards, I love sending my friends and family postcards wherever I travel to.
ruoteng writing postcard
I found this cute café called The Vienna Coffee House. Their milkshake is fantastic! What a perfect ending to this day!

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