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Luxury Shopping in Manchester

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By Ruoteng Meng

luxury shopping selfridges
Do you enjoy shopping? If so Manchester is definitely for you. When you are not learning English with IH Manchester why not explore luxury shopping in Manchester.
Let’s talk about luxury brands and cosmetics today! Right next to Arndale shopping centre you will find Selfridges and Harvey Nichols on the same street.


Selfridges is the best place to go if you like luxury brands. They have all the well-known brands such as Dior, Chanel, Hermes, but they also have new designer brands like By Far, Maison Margiela, Jacquemus, etc.
There are 4 floors, the basement is cosmetics and perfumes, ground floor is bags, first and second floors are clothes and shoes, You can also find kinds of rarer brands like Pat Mcgrath, Roja, and Killian etc.
Luxury shops Manchester
The basement is where cosmetics and perfumes. The good thing about cosmetics and perfumes counters is that you can try before you buy to see if you really like the texture of a foundation, the smell of a perfume. After all, they are not the kind of things that you can purchase online and return if you don’t like after trying.
luxury shopping chanel
In 1906 Harry Gordon Selfridge arrived in London from Chicago to open his first store. Since then the brand has thrived as the home of high end brands.
Selfridges is open 7 days a week so there is plenty of time to explore your favourite designer brands.
luxury shopping valentino

Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols is right beside Selfridges. You will find brands Selfridges doesn’t have, like Coach, Paul Smith, or Vivienne Westwood. Really worth a look!
harvey nichols
Benjamin Harvey opened his first linen shop in London in 1831. After his death in 1850 his wife Anne formed a partnership with James Nichols and Harvey Nichols & Co. was formed.
There are now 7 Harvey Nichols store in the UK.
Harvey Nichols is open until 8pm Monday – Saturday.

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