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Live Webinar – Most Common Errors When Learning English

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Marie IH Manchester teaching online
Working closely with partners is the best strategy in these challenging times. Together we are stronger and together we can achieve much more.

What are the most common errors when learning English?
IH Manchester Assistant Director of Studies, Marie Pepper, delivered a wonderful talk for the clients of our valued agent partner’ “Global Studies”. The talk, delivered by webinar and co-hosted by IH Manchester and Global Studies, was designed to help Arabic speakers to focus on success with their English language studies by becoming aware of their most common errors. Marie has many years of experience teaching Arabic speakers and has also been learning Arabic herself more lately. These two factors make her ideally qualified to help Arabic speakers make the most efficient progress when studying the English language. Marie’s top tips were very well received by the conscientious Saudi students who had registered for the event.

Global Studies’ Student Counsellor, Sultan, was there from the start to translate into Arabic ensuring that no one missed out on this incredible opportunity. Sultan worked super hard throughout the event and had also put in a lot of hard work beforehand to make sure as many of his clients as possible were able to attend.

“Sultan really helped us to connect effectively and efficiently with the many prospective students of English from Saudi Arabia who attended this exciting event. When you couple that with Marie’s wonderfully incisive teaching, it all added up to an excellent event!” said IH Manchester Managing Director, Peter Hayes.

Leo, an IH Manchester partner from Argentina, kindly offered to run the prize lottery at the end of the event. This meant three lucky attendees won one each of the following amazing prizes: 4 weeks of a 21 hour general English course with accommodation at IH Manchester, a 4 week online English language course and a 2 week online English language course.

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Let’s allow Sultan, who lives in New Zealand and so was working incredibly late, to have the last word:

“Thank you so much Peter for everything to make this happen. It is just wonderful what you and your team did.

Thanks to Marie for an amazing & very interesting English lesson! I am happy to have been a part of this.”

Find out about more about IELTS Preparation courses at IH Manchester.

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