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The Top 8 Features of IH Manchester’s Online English Courses

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At IH Manchester we have been teaching online English courses for the last 9 months.
Here are the top 8 features of IH Manchester’s online English language courses:

1. Fun and Interactive Lessons

Exactly like our in-school courses, our online lessons are always fun and fully interactive. All our classes are live and delivered by the same specially trained IH Manchester English teachers, who also already teach in our Manchester school. The very same communicative methodology is used to ensure everyone in class gets to use the language being taught, right from the start.

2. Make New Friends

With online classmates from literally all over the world, this has to be one of the best benefits. Our teachers will set up activities that encourage all online students to get know each other. We open the Zoom classroom up early so that you can chat before class. All IH Manchester students also get access to Microsoft Teams. This allows our students to communicate with each other and your teachers safely outside of class. With Zoom “breakout rooms” for pair work and small group work, there are lots of opportunities to socialise. Which brings me to….

3. Fun Online Social Activities

You make the most progress with spoken fluency when you having fun, in English. When chatting in English whilst making friends or gossiping with old ones. That’s why all IH Manchester students are encouraged to participate in the IH online social activity programme. Lots of IH schools have come together to offer the same online social activity programme to all their students. This means a regular a wonderful mix of nationalities and a varied programme of activities for all our students: karate, yoga, mindfulness, live music, cookery demos, LinkedIn training, drama, dance, singing, Murder Mystery.

4. You Can Track Your Progress and Goals

Your teacher will give you regular feedback on your progress in your lessons. You will have a regular informal review test and tutorial, which will help you to see what you have learnt well, and what you still need to practise. Via your MS Teams account you can access copies of your weekly lesson plans as well as each virtual whiteboard used for each class.

5. Learn From the Comfort of Your Own Home

You don’t need to take time out of work, with lost earnings, nor do you need to leave your family and friends behind. Your life is busy enough right now! You don’t even have to leave your house! No extra expense of travel and the uncertainty and time consuming visa application process. Online is a convenient, affordable and flexible way to achieve your goals! With IH Manchester’s blended approach, you can complete homework whenever it’s convenient, and then maximise your live classes to practise and perfect your skills.

6. Increase Your Confidence When Using English

Maybe you’re thinking of coming to study English in the UK? Taking an online course before you do is a great way to start. At IH Manchester you are given 1 free week online both before and after your course with us in Manchester! That way you get to meet your classmates and teacher, even before you have left home! By taking online English language courses with us beforehand, you will improve your confidence so you feel ready to live and study here in Manchester. Maybe it’s been a long time since you studied or used English? This is a great refresher to get your mind back into English before you arrive.

7. It’s Just Like Being in a Real Classroom

Teacher √
Classmates √
Whiteboard √
Conversation and interaction √
Coursebook √
You even get the homework and tests!

8. Reassurance and Guarantees

IH schools’ online courses are specially designed for the online environment so that you can learn efficiently and enjoyably. There is a whole school behind the scenes to support your learning.
We want you to have a successful, engaging and enjoyable online experience.This is our online promise to you. Our online courses are specially designed for the online environment so that you can learn efficiently and enjoyably.
We have a whole school behind the scenes to support your learning.
IH Manchester is also accredited by the British Council to deliver online courses.
And finally, we guarantee your progress. Yes, that’s right. Guarantee. Tell us what level you want to achieve and we will test your level of English. We will then tell you how many weeks it will take you to achieve that level. If you don’t reach your target in the time we promise, we will give you FREE English lessons until you do.

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