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IH Manchester Progress Guarantee

Choosing an English language school is a big decision. There are lots of schools to choose from. You want to be sure that you choose the best English lessons. It is an important choice that has a big impact on your future. You need to choose well.

The risk for you, as a student, is that you choose a school, book a course and pay your fees, but you do not make progress. At IH Manchester we PROMISE that you will make the progress you need. In the time agreed.

That promise is GUARANTEED. We are sure that you will make progress in the time agreed. If you don’t, we will give you FREE lessons until you do.

It’s easy. This is all you need to do:

1.tell us what level of English you need to achieve

2. take our online English language test

3.we tell you your level now, and how many weeks it will take to reach your target level of English pay your fees and start your course. Price list available here. achieve the level that you need, in the time we promised. Guaranteed. Please see terms and conditions below.

If you don’t reach your target level by the time we promised, you can take more lessons with us for FREE until you do.

The English you need to succeed. Guaranteed.

Terms and Conditions

Subject to 95% attendance and 100% successful completion of course work set.

Diagram does not represent progress guaranteed for each individual student by the school, but is for guidance only.