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IH Manchester Launches New Agent Portal

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IH Manchester Launches New Agent Portal

Since the crisis hit, IH Manchester have been holding weekly webinars for their agent partners, old and new. IH Manchester were “early adopters” of online learning and so we quickly started to share what we were discovering and achieving in the virtual classroom. Marie Pepper, our Head of Online Learning, was key to promoting teaching on Zoom amongst our teacher team. Marie really embraced the advantages of online teaching and ran a series of teacher training sessions in-house to ensure that all of our teachers felt confident and prepared for this new chapter.

In fact, Marie’s achievements have already been recognised when she was invited to present at the recent “IH Teacher Conference”, attended by over 1,000 teachers from all around the world.

Marie online Webinar

Whilst online teaching may not have been universally well-received, IH Manchester have enjoyed considerable success, not only managing to transfer all of their enrolled students in school at the time of the crisis online, but taking regular new bookings ever since.

“It is down to my fellow Director, John Glew-O’Leary, and his in-school team, that we currently have 92 students enrolled on line this week. That’s classes over 5 levels with many students also taking individual lessons. It is just incredible!”

enthused Peter Hayes, Director of Marketing at IH Manchester.

“It has been incredibly moving to witness the massive support and hard work of all our staff during this time that has led to this success. Especially Emma, who works with me in marketing, who has worked tirelessly to produce the fantastic videos and infographics that help our agents bring online learning to life. I’m so grateful.”

It has been an incredibly trying time for study travel consultants, too. With so many new courses to learn about and understand, agents’ workloads have more than trebled in the recent months. With this in mind, IH Manchester began to organise weekly webinars to demonstrate how they taught on Zoom from the start. These webinars were well attended and were also well received, so much so that IH Manchester continues to run them this week. The content has now evolved as time has passed and the next webinar this Thursday 4 June is entitled “How to Sell Online English Language Courses” and draws upon the latest student and agent surveys, industry trends and best practice.

You can read more about this and register for the next agent webinar here:

NEW Agent Portal!

IH Manchester launched its new agent portal to provide their valued partners with essential video explainers, Power Point Presentations, brochures and details of offers to support and help them understand and promote their online teaching. As an agent, you can log in to this password protected site to access all the information available there. IH Manchester want to help their agent partners and so we can provide agency branded or “white label” versions of all our videos.

Agent partners are invited to contact Emma at IH Manchester directly by email to arrange to start working with us, receive product training and an ETO agreement: [email protected]

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