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IELTS Vocabulary

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Academic Manager, Joseph Baker, shares more tips for IELTS success!

Tip number three is about learning IELTS vocabulary. If you learn a wide range vocabulary this will help you for all parts of the exam.

There are various word lists out there. We suggest that you have a look at the open academic word list which is really good list of the most common academic words in English that you should understand for writing speaking and also understand when you see it in reading or hear it in listening. A good way of practicing this vocabulary is using Quizlet in the school here. We have a set of flashcards that we provide students with and it helps you to revise and learn this vocabulary every day.

You can find a range of lists on the internet of the top topics, but within those range of lists you will see common areas. So some of the examples here for example – environment, crime, technology social media. There are common topics that come up again and again and again. If you learn vocabulary related to those topics then you will be better suited to understanding them and using them in the exam.

You need to learn when and how to use the vocabulary so is it suitable for writing, or suitable for speaking, or maybe for both. You need to learn how to spell it in order to write it down in your writing part and also in the listening part when you hear it in the exam. And you need to know how to pronounce it so that you can speak it in the speaking test and also understand it when you hear it in the listening test. Oxford Learner’s dictionary has a very good tool, they have the pronunciation in both British English and American English for you to listen to and help you.

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