IELTS Exam Preparation Online and in Manchester

We teach IELTS English in Manchester and online.

Our live online English lessons and face to face English courses in Manchester will give you confidence to speak English well.

You need that IELTS score to start your university course. But, you don’t have a lot of time.

We know how difficult getting a good IELTS score can be. Especially the writing test! Isn’t that the most difficult part?

You have tried English lessons before, but they didn’t help.
That’s really hard and probably makes you feel bad. It seems like a waste of your time. And your money!

Schools should not promise things to students when they know they can’t help them.
IH Manchester has helped hundreds of students to get the IELTS score they need. Our teachers specialise in preparing students for the IELTS exam. They understand the exam well.
They know exactly how to help you. Exactly how to make you succeed.

You CAN do this! You just need teachers who are experienced. We are really sure that we can help you.
We will GUARANTEE your success.

IH Manchester teaches students sponsored by the Oman Cultural Embassy, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Cultural Bureau and the Kuwait Cultural Bureau.

About the course

  • Online and in Manchester
  • Suitable for age 16+
  • 5 – 25 hours per week
  • Maximum 15 students per class
  • Available all year round (apart from school holidays – please click here for full details)
  • Minimum level A2

“You are the best school with the best teachers! Thanks for helping me!”

Approximate Progression Times

Your progress? Guaranteed.

  • We will test your level of English.
  • You tell us your target level.
  • We will tell you how many weeks it will take you to achieve your target English level.
  • If you do not reach this level of English in the time we predict, you will receive free English lessons until you do.*

Start your journey today! Get in touch to find out your current English level.

Choose your IELTS course and choose your start date. You can start any Monday.

More Course Details

IELTS Course Overview

To succeed in the IELTS exam, candidates need both the ability to produce English at a high level and an in-depth knowledge of the exam, including its format and strategies. Through a combination of General English for IELTS and IELTS preparation classes, students on the IELTS course are able to improve their overall level of English, whilst simultaneously developing the necessary skills to obtain their desired score in the exam.

General English classes are based on the CEFR descriptors and cover grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation at each level, as well as reading, writing, listening, speaking and pronunciation. There is a strong focus on communication and in every lesson students have the opportunity to practise using new language in context.

In General English classes, IELTS students will:

· Develop subskills in reading, writing, listening and speaking
· Improve their range of vocabulary and grammar as well as improving their pronunciation in line with IELTS marking criteria
· Improve knowledge of how to use language correctly in context for IELTS
· Be provided with continual feedback on how specific language points can be used in IELTS
· Receive continuous feedback on language production and common errors
· Develop effective study habits to facilitate learning

IELTS preparation classes aim to familiarise students with the exam format and teach them the strategies and techniques they need to perform well and obtain a score which reflects their overall English level. Students will also learn specific academic vocabulary, and have the opportunity to put their existing language knowledge into practice in exam-style tasks.


Online Prices

IELTS Preparation Courses

Price per week GBP
5 hours of IELTS Exam Preparation
10 hours of IELTS Exam Preparation
15 hours of IELTS Exam Preparation
21 hours of IELTS Exam Preparation
25 hours of IELTS Exam Preparation

Individual 1 to 1 Lessons

Number of individual lessons with a teacher
(lessons last 30 minutes)
Price GBP
1 x 30m minutes£18.00
1 x hour £35.00
5 x hours£165.00
10 x hours£325.00.00


Face to Face In School Prices

IELTS Preparation Courses

5 hours per week
10 hours per week
15 hours per week
21 x hours per week
25 x hours per week

Individual 1 to 1 Lessons

1 x 30 minutes £25.00
1 x 1 hour £45.00
5 x 1 hour £195.00
10 x 1 hour £375.00

IH Manchester’s Top Tips for IELTS

The topics covered in this video are:
1.Know the exam
2.Study English, not just the exam
3.Learn Vocabulary
4.Practise and reflect
5.Think about timing
6.Think about structure
7.Plan and check
8.Develop strategies
9.Practise note-taking
10.Use English every day

Our PROMISE to you:

  • you will reach the level agreed in the number of weeks agreed. If not, you get free classes until you do
  • all our teachers are well-trained, experienced and qualified to teach English well
  • we are an accredited school (accredited by the British Council to teach English)
  • we follow the IH Student Promise
  • Start your journey to IELTS success!

    Students can book courses with 100% guarantee of a full refund for cancellations made up to 7 days before the course start date.
    No penalties & no questions asked.

    For all future bookings, there are no charges for cancelling or postponing a course.

    Postponing a course

    If a student wishes to postpone their course, we will give a credit voucher valid for two years from the course start date.

    Cancelling a course

    Students may cancel up to 7 days before the course start date.

    Students may choose between a credit voucher (as above) or a full refund of fees, less any bank charges.

    If the student cancels under 7 days before the course start date, we will give a credit voucher valid for 2 years from the course start date.

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    *subject to 95% attendance and 100% successful completion of course work set.

    We have based our progress promise on the following information source:
    ‘How long does it take to learn a foreign language?’ Published by Cambridge University Press 2018.