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Hybrid Learning Survey

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example of hybrid English lesson classroom
This year it has been great to see schools adapt so quickly to teaching online. IH Manchester was quick to make the transition and we have been busy with online classes since then. By Monday 10 August we re-opened the school and have taken the time since to re-decorate and fit new furniture throughout. It was great to be able to teach students face to face once more and that was exciting for us all.

Students and staff now need to socially distance and so to keep safe, we cannot accommodate so many students in each classroom. In order to still enjoy a vibrant class we wanted to combine our face to face students in school with our remote students online. We invested in the best technology and took time to make sure that everything worked perfectly for both sets of students. And so hybrid teaching was born!

IH Manchester have been at the forefront of hybrid English teaching, with our academic team again adapting quickly and learning as they did so. It is amazing to see the hybrid classroom in action. Let us know if you’d like to book an appointment to see one of our hybrid classes. It’s so exciting.

School Director, John Glew-O’Leary, has been working with NILE and CES during the Autumn, to compile a wide ranging survey on how language schools are using hybrid learning. The report has now been published and it makes fascinating reading. You can download the Hybrid Learning report here.

In January John will be appearing on the panel in a webinar discussion of the findings of the survey. We are sure that you will find this interesting. Just click through the link here to register on Eventbrite . We look forward to seeing you there!

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