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How to Get the Most Out of Online Learning

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Dedicated study space

It doesn’t need to be a home office! But if you can find a calm and peaceful space that you can dedicate to studying it will really help. If possible, make it separate to where you relax – it may be tempting to lie on the sofa while attending lessons, but try to sit at a table away from the sofa. It will really help you to concentrate and get into the right mind-set to learn. You also don’t want to associate your relaxation space with study – keep them separate!

Get organised

Make the most of your time in class by making sure you are ready and organised before class starts. Do you have everything you need? A drink and headphones for example. Have you started your computer in plenty of time to log into Zoom? If you are using your phone, is it charged? Do you have your charger to hand? Being organised will help you to feel ready to start learning from the beginning of class.

Don’t feel isolated, make the most of the virtual classroom and school community!

It is easy to feel isolated when you are studying from home. We’ve all missed human interaction this year, I think. This is why the virtual classroom and school community is so important. You are taking part in a live class so join in just as you would in the real classroom. You teacher is there to help, so ask them any questions you need to, just as you would face to face. They will be keen to get to know you!

And remember, everyone will be feeling the same, so don’t be shy! You can also take part in social activities on offer throughout the week. Get to know your classmates outside of class while taking part in some fantastic events, it really does help – a laugh and a smile can make such a difference to your day!

Remember your goals

All of us can find it hard to stay motivated sometimes! Write on a “post-it” note why you are learning English, it could be:

– to feel more confident when using the language
– to get that promotion at work
– to study at university
– to travel more

Whatever it is, write it down and stick it on to your computer / somewhere in your study space. If you are having a day when you feel tired or not very motivated it will help to get you back on track.

Reflect on how well you are doing!

Sometimes it is easy to forget just how well you are doing when you are eager to push forward to achieve your goal. But think back to when you first started learning English, or think back to a few weeks ago and think about how much you have improved! What can you do now that you couldn’t do then? I bet it’s more than you think. And what will you be able to do in a few weeks’ time?


Learning English is a fun experience, whether you are online or in the classroom! Enjoy your time in class but also enjoy the flexibility and extra time learning from home can offer. You can manage your time to get the best of both worlds.

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