General English Lessons Online and in Manchester

Our live online general English lessons and face to face English courses in Manchester will give you confidence to speak English well.

You want to be able to communicate easily and fluently in English when you are travelling or on holiday.
It makes every trip much better. You enjoy your holiday or visit much more when you feel confident speaking English. And it’s more fun when you can make friends!

You have tried English lessons before, but they didn’t help.
That’s really hard and probably makes you feel bad. It seems like a waste of your time. And your money!
Perhaps you’ve thought; “I will NEVER learn how to speak English well!”
But, that’s that not true. You CAN do this.
IH Manchester has helped thousands of students to speak English fluently and to understand native English speakers when they speak.

Most people remember trying to learn English at school. It is usually a negative memory, isn’t it?
But, that was not YOUR fault. That was because you did not have the right teachers nor the best methods.
Our teachers specialise in helping our students to speak in English from the start of their general English lessons.
They know exactly how to help you. Exactly how to make you succeed.

You CAN do this! You just need teachers who are experienced and use the best methodology. We are completely sure that we can help you.
In fact, we will GUARANTEE your progress.

About the course

  • Online or in Manchester
  • Suitable for age 16+
  • 2 – 25 hours per week
  • Maximum 15 students per class
  • Available all year round (apart from school holidays – please click here for full details)
  • This course is suitable for all levels of English
  • IH Manchester is part of the International House World Organisation. This is what we PROMISE our students

“You are the best school with the best teachers! Thanks for helping me!”

Approximate Progression Times

Your progress? Guaranteed.

  • We will test your level of English.
  • You tell us your target level.
  • We will tell you how many weeks it will take you to achieve your target English level.
  • If you do not reach this level of English in the time we predict, you will receive free English lessons until you do.*

Start your journey today! Get in touch to find out your current English level.

Choose your general English lessons and choose your start date. You can start any Monday.

General English Lesson - Course Details

This course is good for students who:

  • want to improve their English for self-improvement
  • want to study in English in the future
  • want to improve their English for work
  • want to use English for travel
  • want to enjoy using English in daily life e.g. online, when reading, watching films/movies or listening to music

What and how you will study?

International House Manchester uses communicative-lexical approach meaning students are helped to communicate effectively using natural, real-life English. We’ll work to make sure you can use the language rather than just know it. We want students to understand English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, but more importantly we want students to be able to use the language we teach when they need to use it. Teachers will plan their lessons so there are lots of chances for the students to communicate in English, while feedback on performance will be provided at appropriate stages of the lesson in a friendly, helpful way to improve accuracy while developing fluency.


Online Prices

General English Courses

Number of group classes per weekPrice per week GBP (minimum of 2 weeks)
5 hours£60.00

10 hours £95.00
15 hours£120.00
21 hours£165.00
25 hours£190.00

Flexi Part Time Courses

2,3 or 4 hours of group classes per weekPrice per 60 minute class
(minimum of 2 weeks)
Monday to Friday
(afternoon lessons)

Individual 1 to 1 Lessons

Number of individual lessons with a teacher
Price GBP
1 x hour £41.00
5 x hours£199.00
10 x hours£389.00
50 x hours£1,999.00
100 x hours£3,690.00


Face to Face In School Prices

General English Courses

Course/hours per week
Price per Week
5 hours£75.00
10 hours£125.00
15 hours£175.00
21 hours£215.00
25 hours£250.00

Flexi Part Time Courses

2 x 1 hour of group classes per weekPrice per week GBP (minimum of 4 weeks)
Any two days per week
Monday to Friday
17.30-18.30 (UK time)

Individual 1 to 1 Lessons

1 x 1 hour £45.00
5 x 1 hour £219.00
10 x 1 hour £427.00
50 x 1 hour £2,081.00
100 x 1 hour £4,050.00

Our PROMISE to you:

  • you will reach the level agreed in the number of weeks agreed. If not, you get free classes until you do
  • all our teachers are well-trained, experienced and qualified to teach English well
  • we are an accredited school (accredited by the British Council to teach English)
  • we follow the IH Student Promise
  • Start your journey to English language success today!

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