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English Student Profile – Murilo

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English Student Profile – Murilo

Name: Murilo Lopes
Age: 39
Occupation: Set designer / Tattoo artist
Home Country: Brazilian
English Course: GE15 / GE20, 7 weeks
Murilo Lopes

Murilo joined us in Manchester to improve his English at the end of November 2022. Murilo has a fascinating life back at home in Brazil.

Murilo works as a Set Designer and Art Director as well as being an accomplished Tattoo Artist. He graduated in and architecture and has designed sets with international formats for large production companies such as Netflix, HBO and Sony. Working on shows such as “Shark Tank Brazil”.

Murilo creates the most incredible tattoos. He finds inspiration in the world around him and always travels with his tattoo machine and sketch book. He is also a very talented photographer. 

When we asked Murilo why he wanted to learn English, he said:

“This year I complete forty years old in September, in which I have dedicated approximately 25 years of my life studying drawing techniques, styles and applications. Everything related to art, but I never gave importance to English. Art communicates itself, but at the same time, it is necessary to explain to the world the entire creation process, and it is very important to understand the feeling of those who observe the work. Without knowing English, my art is incomplete. English is essential to communicate with the world.”

While in Manchester Murilo took the opportunity to explore the UK. Amongst other places he spent time in London, York and Stonehenge. Murilo sketches things he sees that inspire him. His sketchbook is a work of art in itself! He uses his sketches to develop beautiful and creative tattoo designs.

Murilo’s Sketchbook 

The trip to Stonehenge was particularly special for Murilo. He used the opportunity to propose to his lovely girlfriend! How wonderful to celebrate an engagement while in the UK. I think this might be our first student wedding proposal during a course, definitely a memorable trip for the couple!

Murilo explained why he chose to study in Manchester:

“I chose Manchester because I am in a country that has an interesting history in terms of architecture, many options for museums, and historic buildings with different styles and times. Manchester especially for the history, and industrial style that I identify with a lot.”

Murilo is a wonderful English language student and it was an absolute pleasure to have him in school. His creativity and spirit are a joy for all those around him. He participated in lots of social activities and was always keen to socialize with fellow students which enhanced his experience in Manchester. We were so proud to see him receive his end of course certificate.

As a wonderful leaving gift, Murilo created individual sketch books for all the staff in school!

We know that Murilo will continue his journey of learning English back home. It will benefit his career greatly and give his artwork a wonderful new dimension.

He says:

“I return to Brazil with the feeling of having started a process of learning English, and I intend to keep evolving. My art needs to communicate.”

Take a look at Murilo’s beautiful artwork and photography on his Instagram account tattoo_arquitetura

Are you thinking of taking an English course like Murilo? We welcome students from all over the world. Students who are learning English for all sorts of reasons. Some for education, some for work, some who want to communicate in the global community – all sorts of reasons. Whatever YOUR reason we are here to help and support you on your English language learning journey.

Contact us to find out more about starting your adventure in Manchester.

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