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English Online and In School

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It has been a difficult year for international students, the pandemic has interrupted many student’s studies. But not here at IH Manchester. We were able to offer English online in before school was required to close.

IH Manchester student Redha joined us for English lessons in Manchester just before the start of lockdown when school needed to close due to the pandemic. However, we made it possible for him to continue his lessons online without interruption! He continued to study English online throughout lockdown. When we were able to safely re-open, Redha joined us in school once again and completed his course on Friday.

As you can see in the photos, Redha was very happy to be back in school and we were very happy to have him! He is pictured with teacher Lucy and fellow student Ilaria from Italy. A massive ‘well done!’ to Redha.

All students are able to start their courses online and then complete their course in school in Manchester. Similarly, they may start face to face in Manchester, but continue online, should there be any further interruptions. This gives students complete peace of mind.

We have not let this difficult year stand in our way. We know our students still want to learn English and reach their goals. We are here to help them do that, both online and in school.
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