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Directors of Studies IH Manchester
IH Manchester is delighted to announce the appointment of Joseph Baker and Marie Pepper as co-Directors of Study. They have both been with us for some time and are moving from their current roles as Assistant Directors of Studies to take on responsibility for the academic management of the EFL department in the school. We’re very excited to be able to make these appointments as both are such talented, committed, professionals and have been hugely instrumental in helping us grow our school and improve our service to our students.

In his new role, Joseph will be primarily responsible for managing our students’ learning. Ensuring students get the very best support, advice and instruction is fundamental to what we do at IH Manchester and we couldn’t hope for a better person in this role than Joseph. Among other things, he will be organising students’ timetables and study plans, liaising with external stakeholders, and generally helping students with any issues they might have.

Marie’s main responsibility will be teacher management. At IH Manchester, we believe that high quality teaching is the heartbeat of a school, and with Marie’s experience and skilled approach we know our teachers are in good hands. As co-DoS, Marie will primarily recruit and induct new teachers, implement the CPD programme, and provide support with planning and teaching. Her role also includes managing materials and resources used in classes.

The directors of IH Manchester would like to thank Marie and Joseph for accepting their new roles and would also like to take this opportunity to thank them and all the teachers and staff in the school for doing so much good work in what has been a noteworthy year.

John Glew-O’Leary- Principal

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