One of our students recently achieved an excellent IELTS score of 7.0 following his course with us. We spoke to Giuseppe and he shared his top tips for IELTS success:

Read as much as possible
“I have tried to read books and articles that interest me more rather than IELTS just the reading test. I have learnt a lot of new vocabulary and new structures by reading books, I then tried to use this new vocabulary in my writings and in my speaking.”

Write often
“For writing, I would say, write often. I know it is hard but it is very important. Always get feedback for your writing, so you can review your writing and improve it for next time. I wrote an exam task at least 3 times a week, asked my teachers for corrections and tried to implement this feedback in my new essays.”

Don’t be afraid to speak
“I have always tried to speak English even with my Italian friends. We are lucky to study in a multi-national school, so the only way of communicating is English. I have also spent a lot of time with other student outside of the school. Trying to speak with students with different English levels built my confidence in speaking.

IELTS Practice
“I have a done a practice IELTS test every week. I have improved my reading and listening skills by attending the IELTS club every day and I have also had a speaking practice once a week with one of the teachers.”

Use new language
“We have learnt a lot of new expression from our teachers in school. I always try to use the new expressions outside of the school with my friends. In the classroom, we might not have enough time to practice our speaking skills so it is really important to continue practising outside of the school where we have more time in our normal life.”

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