Information for parents of students aged 14 -16

Please see below the main points of information for students based at Hulme Hall Grammar School.

Independence and Supervision

  • Students may travel independently to and from the UK. Students also travel independently to and from school each day, and are responsible for taking care of their travel card or ticket.

  • Students will be met at the airport on arrival and taken back to the airport on departure, as per our airport transfer policy.

  • If students live with a host, it is important that the students keep their hosts mobile telephone contact number and our emergency telephone number with them at all times. Check and exchange contact telephone numbers with your host when you arrive at their home. We have a member of staff available 24 hours per day in case students need our assistance in an emergency.

  • Students must return to the host family home by 8pm each evening, unless agreed with the school and the host beforehand. Please be aware that students are not supervised at all times out of school hours, and have some independence. Students must not invite guests to the host home without prior permission from the host.

  • Students must not stay overnight at another host family or at another location without permission from the school and their parents.

  • Hosts will not leave students aged under 16 alone in the house for more than 2 hours except in rare circumstances.


  • The hosts are experienced with this age group. They will want to get to know you. Please discuss with them if there is any kind of food that you don’t like to eat, or if you have any problems at all.

  • Swap mobile telephone numbers with your host when you arrive at their home, and keep their number with you. Also keep our school contact telephone number with you at all times. We have a member of staff available at all times in case students need our assistance

  • If students are unwell and cannot come to school, their host or parents needs to contact our welfare officer by 9am that morning. Tel: 0161 288 0212

  • Students must not invite guests to the host home without permission from the host.

  • No smoking or drinking alcohol at any time, and no matches or lighters may be brought into school or the host house.

  • The host will wash the student’s clothes each week, bed linen and towels will be changed each week. Hosts will not go into the student’s bedroom without permission, and students must not enter other bedrooms in the house.

  • There will be internet access available at the host house– we expect students to access this responsibly. They will be liable for any costs if they download expensive items from the internet.

  • Students will be liable for any damage or losses caused at the host house and parents will be billed accordingly.



  • The school day starts at 8.50am and students must arrive by this time. Classes end at 15.45 each day. There is a break each morning and an hour for lunch. Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds during the school day

  • Mobile phones must not be used in class.

  • Students at the Junior Centre are not required to wear school uniform, but must be dressed appropriately. No ripped clothing.

  • Our welfare officer is in regular contact with the students, and they can call her if they have any issues.

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