Year-Round English Language Lessons for Students Aged from 14 to 16 Years

Available from September 2017.

International House Manchester is now working in close partnership with the ISI accredited independent school, Hulme Hall Grammar School (Cheadle Hulme, south Manchester) to welcome international students from all over the world. Hulme Hall is a great place for international students to improve their English language skills and enjoy the English independent school experience.

IH Manchester has now opened a Junior English Language Centre within Hulme Hall Grammar School premises, allowing international students aged between 14 and 16 years of age to improve their English language skills whilst also participating in daily school life.

Programme details

Age                  minimum age 14

maximum age 16                                                

Location  IH Manchester Junior English Language Centre located within Hulme Hall Grammar School 
Duration minimum 4 weeks
English Lessons                  26.5 hours per week
Accommodation  Standard Homestay
Meals included  Full board, Mon – Fri – breakfast and dinner provided by homestay and lunch at school.
School Uniform  Not required. However students attending the Junior English Language Centre are asked to wear smart/casual clothes. Jeans and trainers are allowed but no ripped clothing please.
Airport transfers Manchester and Liverpool airports only, both arrival and departure included.
Insurance GuardMe Travel Insurance Included – Please download key facts document below for more details
Price  4 weeks                                         £1,795.00 GBP

12 weeks                                        £5,174.00 GBP

Academic year (36 weeks)             £14,462.00 GBP


English language courses from 4 weeks up to 6 months will be offered from September 2017. Also, any international student who is preparing to enrol at Hulme Hall Grammar can now take a pre-sessional English language course. This will ensure that they have the language skills necessary to succeed with the UK National Curriculum in the main stream school Maths, English and Science classes. Those students aged 14 and 15 years of age can prepare to enter the school and study towards the UK national 16 years + GCSE exams. IH Manchester will also provide on-going English language support as students progress through the school.

Hulme Hall is a registered and accredited UK independent school that shares IH Manchester’s priorities of student welfare and junior safeguarding. With a good and well-established academic reputation and a wonderfully warm and welcoming culture, Hulme Hall is the ideal school for international students to gain a British education as they prepare for university or more vocational academic pathways.

English Language Lessons

Students taking English language lessons will receive 26.5 hours per week of lessons. These are provided at the school by qualified IH Manchester teachers. On arrival all English language students receive an individual “Needs Analysis” interview. This allows the school to know exactly what each student needs and then offer the correct course content. This interview also allows the school to assess the student’s specific strengths and weaknesses when speaking and listening. We’ll also take a sample of each student’s writing and ask them to complete a grammar/vocabulary exam, so that we can prepare clear, personalised learning goals for each student.

After finishing the needs analysis, students are assigned to a class related to their CEFR level. We introduce new students to their teachers and classmates, and we check after the first class and throughout the week that everything is going well. Students also have a face-to-face tutorial every two weeks with a teacher. Teachers and the Principal are always available to talk to outside of class. We can also advise students on which exam, e.g. IELTS / Cambridge PET, FCE or CAE, to take or how to continue learning after they finish their course

Our Teaching and learning policy

In classrooms at International House Manchester, teachers will:
1.Set suitable aims and objectives for each class. These will be written on the board at the start of each class, so each student is clear about the purpose of the class and be able to measure progress. A plan of the week’s classes will also be on display in each classroom.
2.Use the target language only, systematically building on what students already know. We’ll use and teach natural language based on the needs of the students in the class.
3.Present language in clear contexts and situations supported with real life and relevant examples. We believe that learning English means being able to use it when you need it. We want students to understand English grammar, but more importantly we want students to be able to use it. We won’t just work on grammar, however. Natural vocabulary and pronunciation will be equally important parts of your lessons.
4.Support students to work out meanings and use of the target language themselves and give students lots of opportunities to practise language in structured, purposeful activities which reflect their English needs. Feedback on performance will be provided at appropriate stages of the lesson in a friendly, helpful way to improve accuracy while developing fluency. Fluency activities will be personalised, where possible, to the learners. Teachers will plan their lessons so there are lots of chances for the students to communicate in English.
5.Give students language skills training in reading, writing, listening and speaking, so that they are able to both consolidate classroom learning more effectively and become more independent language learners.
6.Add variety to their lessons, making them motivating for the students.
7.Be open to the opinions of the students. As well as having one to one tutorials every two weeks in which the students and teachers will work together to assess learning and objectives, students should feel comfortable coming to the teacher at appropriate times with issues or concerns.
8.Set homework to consolidate teaching and learning that has taken place during each lesson.
9.Encourage students to take notes and organise materials, making sure all students have a record of their work.
10.Be sensitive to personalities, personal motivations, cultural differences, job requirements, exam goals and individual needs in planning, teaching and all dealings with students

at International House Manchester, students are expected to:
1.Work in pairs, groups, and as a class to practise recently taught language in a variety of practice activities.
2.Use the target language only.
3.Consolidate and build upon what has been taught in class through completing homework tasks set.
4.Be sensitive to other students’ personalities, cultural differences and individual needs in the class.

English Lessons, Teaching & Learning

General English classes provide tuition in:

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Pronunciation
  • Writing

International House Manchester is committed to helping students communicate effectively using natural English.

Term Dates 2017-2018

                                                       Start date Finish date                                                               
term 1 2017 Thursday 7th September 2017       Friday 20th October 2017
term 2 2016 Monday 6th November 2017 Wednesday 20th December 2017 12.30pm
term 3 2017  Monday 8th January 2018  Friday 16th February 2018
term 4 2017  Monday 26th February 2018 Thursday 29th March 2018
term 5 2017  Tuesday 17th April 2018  Friday 25th May 2018
term 6 2017   Monday 4th June 2018  Friday 6th July 2018

Accommodation and Guardianship

All students will be accommodated with carefully selected local homestay hosts. Here they will receive full board accommodation at the weekend and half board accommodation from Monday to Friday. Lunch is taken at school from Monday to Friday and is included in the package fee. A Private Foster Care arrangement will be set up with the relevant Local Authority Children’s Department for all students under the age of 16 years.

Half Terms and Holidays

Students will be required to leave their homestay accommodation during half terms and holidays. However, an optional guardianship / ‘study fun’ supervision package will be offered, at an extra cost, for those parents who do not wish for their child to return home.

All students will be expected to leave their homestay accommodation during the Christmas holidays as no “study fun” package is offered during this time.

GuardMe Travel Insurance

Parents are advised to refer to the ‘GuardMe – Key Facts’ document to ensure that the policy provides adequate cover for their individual child. Please download the key facts document here.


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