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The Curriculum

When studying English at International House Manchester, students can progress from a A1, Beginner level to C2 Proficient. How much progress you make during your course depends upon a few different things:

–        Your level of English when you arrive,

–        If you are a good language learner

–        Your past experience of learning languages

–        How long your course lasts

At IH Manchester we will make the English that you learn relevant to real life. You will learn in a way that you live and work, so you will work in pairs and in groups to solve problems. Your lessons will be structured and organised in a way that helps you to learn.

The curriculum means any activity done while you are studying with us. Everything you do that helps you to meet your English language learning objectives:

–        Work completed in class

–        Language used on a school social activity or excursion

–        Homework

–        Activities you do in the school’s supplementary classes eg. “Job Club”

–        Advice given to you by your teachers on how best to learn English whilst you are in the UK

To make sure that you have a quality learning experience at IH Manchester, we use the following in our teaching:

  • Up to date and relevant course book materials, which we adapt to meet your individual needs and objectives.
  • Supplementary materials, which complement the course books, providing additional learning opportunities.
  • The  use of CEFR Levels and “Can Do” Statements to provide an international standard. These clearly show you the objectives of each course and class so you and your teachers can monitor the progress of your learning.
  • We teach you natural language used that is used in real life.
  • We show you how you can best learn.  We help you to become an independent learner, so that you will have the skills to continue to improve your English after you have left our school.

Different teachers at our school have different styles of teaching. You will have an opportunity to be taught by all the teachers, when possible.  This allows you to experience a variety of teaching methods and to appeal to all individual Learning Styles.

Course Programmes

Most students at International House Manchester follow English language courses of between 15 and 20 hours per week. Most students take 15 hours of lessons before lunch and any other hours after.

Morning classes

These follow a curriculum aimed at competences defined by the Common European Framework (CEFR). These are displayed in every classroom. Each class works through a course book at the correct level. The teacher plans a scheme of work for the morning classes and collaborates with their team teacher. The course book material allows progress through the different levels.  The scheme of work is displayed for students to see at the beginning of each week.   Other published materials as well as materials produced by the teacher are used when required.

Afternoon classes

The afternoon classes practise key receptive (listening and reading) and productive (speaking and writing) skills strategies and techniques. Students can take General English skills lessons or lessons designed to prepare students for exams such as IELTS.  Lessons are communicative at all times and help students with the skills they need for day to day living and studying in the UK. Afternoon lessons may also teach the skills to help students prepare for English language exams. Teachers can plan these lessons to cover specific skills needed by specific students eg. Handwriting in English for speakers of Arabic.

Business English

These classes are planned for the afternoon with Business English course books creating the structure of the lesson. Supplementary materials are also used when required. Lessons are communicative at all times and help students to develop the skills they need for their specific professional activity.

One to Ones

These sessions are individually designed for each student. There is a Needs Analysis interview to identify exact objectives to help the student. All the teaching is designed to meet the needs of the individual student.

Additional classes and clubs

IH Manchester provides many free supplementary classes and clubs to help students meet their learning and life objectives.


Students complete sections of IELTS exams and receive advice on exam techniques and strategies from experienced teachers. Advice is also given on learning strategies using past papers. This takes place Monday to Thursday for an hour in the afternoon and is free to IH Manchester students.

Job Club

Students are helped with getting a National Insurance number, writing their CV, interviews and job applications. This takes place Tuesday and Thursday for an hour in the afternoon and is free to IH Manchester students.

Spelling class

Held periodically throughout the year, students get an introduction to English spelling and pronunciation, learn spelling rules and tips and well as strategies for becoming a better speller. The also practise spelling academic vocabulary. The class is free for IH Manchester students.

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